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Coriander grape export started from Mersin, Turkey

Mersin'den kişniş üzümü ihracatı başladı
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Nov 23, 2021
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Coriander grape export started from Gülnar district of Mersin. The truck, which transported 15 tons of coriander grapes to Russia, set off with a ceremony held at the Çukurasma-Tozkovan Üçoluk Coriander Agricultural Development Cooperative Currants Cleaning and Packing Facility with the participation of District Governor Yunus Emre Bayraklı, Mayor Alpaslan Ünüvar and officials. Mayor Ünüvar stated that the district meets the majority of the country's coriander grape production.
Stating that they brought this facility to the district, as packaging and screening facility is as important as production, Ünüvar said, "We will better promote and market our coriander grapes, which are grown in our ...
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