Corn exports premiums remain stable in Brazil

Maize (Corn)
Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 28, 2023

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According to TF Agroeconomic, premiums in the corn market for export remain stable, with prices staying consistent for various months in the future. Brazilian wheat prices are becoming expensive abroad, potentially reducing the country's surplus and leading to a fall in domestic prices. The price of corn varies in different countries, with Argentina, the USA, and France having higher prices compared to countries like Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.
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“Brazilian wheat prices are becoming expensive abroad, as shown by the loss of the tender for 65 thousand tons from Taiwan this week. This, eventually, could reduce the flow of the country's large surplus, increasing domestic availability and, with this, causing domestic prices to fall again. This is why the opening of new markets, through trade agreements, for Brazilian corn and its by-products is so important”, he adds. How to profit from corn? In Paraguay, the seller/buyer spread rises again and stops the market. “Quiet day for corn, quotations did not help to improve prices, buyer intentions remain at levels of approximately US$173 dollars in Asunción, while the seller is looking for 5 to 7 dollars more than the buyer. This difference remains very high and the corn market is static. Purchase indications in the domestic market also do not vary, as in Brazil, which does not encourage important movements”, he indicates. “The approximate prices of Argentine corn FOB closed at ...
Source: Agrolink
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