Brazil: Corn premium rises for December

Updated Nov 20, 2023
In the corn market for export, the premium and demand for Brazilian corn rises for December, according to information released by TF Agroeconomic. “Prizes rose $10 cents/bushel to $100 in December, remained at $60 for July/24, $65 for August/24 and also $5 cents to $65 for September/24, compared to a smaller harvest of Brazil in 2024”, he comments. “The increase of $10 cents/bushel for the December premium signals the return of international demand for the Brazilian market for shipments during this period. It is approximately equivalent to an additional R$1.18/bag that Tradings can offer to Brazilian sellers in the interior. Even so, the sellers were not very enthusiastic. Farm selling was small this Friday and throughout the week, with sellers preferring to wait for better prices, especially given the news of a delay in the next Brazilian harvest, which they are following very well, because it takes place in their backyard”, he adds. In Paraguay prices improve slightly, but ...
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