Corn production cluster created in Kyrgyzstan

Maize (Corn)
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Published Feb 26, 2024

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A meeting at the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry led to the creation of a corn cluster aimed at improving corn production. The initiative involves farmers and cooperatives and aims to double the yield from 60 to 120 centners, introduce drip irrigation, use water-soluble fertilizers, and address logistical issues. The cluster also plans to enhance the export and deep processing of corn, with a sample corn variety already exported to China in 2023.
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The meeting on development of cluster production with participation of farmers, cooperatives producing corn was held in the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry. Corn fields occupy 150,000 ha in total. The average yield makes around 60-70 centners from a hectare with up to 180 centners from a hectare in some districts. The sample corn variety was exported to China in 2023. The respective agreements were signed. The corn cluster was created at the meeting. The manager of the cluster was elected. The goals of cluster production include increase of yield from 60 centners to 120 centners, introduction of drip irrigation, ...
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