Corn tests two centuries of US-Mexico relations

Updated May 27, 2023
The US and Mexico celebrated 200 years of diplomatic relations in December 2022, but the food crop corn is now testing that relationship.
The North American neighbors have perhaps one of the closest bilateral ties in the world, backed by robust economic and trade relations, with both generating hundreds of billions of dollars in trade revenues for each other. Electronics, vehicles, fuels, minerals, plastics and machinery are the biggest US exports to Mexico. Fuel oil, gasoline, motor vehicle parts, passenger and commercial vehicles form the bulk of Mexican supplies to the US. But it is agriculture that remains at the core of the US-Mexico trade relations. Their agriculture trade was valued at $73.14 billion in 2022, up 13% on the year, and accounting for 10% of their total bilateral trade, the US Census Bureau report published Feb. 14 showed. The top US agricultural exports to Mexico in 2022 were corn, soybeans, dairy products, pork and wheat, while major Mexican supplies to the US included fruits, vegetables, sugar and coffee. Washington knows that Mexico is not only vital to the US farmers but also a viable source ...
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