Corn/USDA: USA sells 1.08 million tons of the 2023/24 harvest in the week

Maize (Corn)
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Published Mar 1, 2024

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US corn exports for the 2023/24 harvest week ending February 22 saw a 32% increase from the previous week, with sales reaching 1.08 million tons, according to the USDA. The main buyers were Mexico, Japan, Colombia, South Korea, and Venezuela. Additionally, sales of 165 thousand tons were reported for the 2024/25 harvest to Japan. The total volume sold was approximately 1.25 million tons, aligning with analysts' predictions. Shipments during this period also increased by 19% from the previous week, totaling around 1.216 million tons.
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By Ana Ritti, with information from Dow Jones Newswires São Paulo, 02/29/2024 - United States exporters reported sales of 1.08 million tons of corn from the 2023/24 harvest, including cancellations, in the week ending February 22, the Department of Agriculture of the United States recently reported. United States (USDA). The volume represents an increase of 32% compared to the previous week, but a decrease of 5% compared to the average of the previous four weeks. The main buyers were Mexico (423.7 thousand t), Japan (326.8 thousand t), Colombia (153.2 thousand t), South Korea (133.9 thousand t) and Venezuela (30 thousand t), which they compensated for the cancellations made by Taiwan (51.7 thousand t), Morocco (11.4 thousand t) and Guatemala (6.8 thousand t). For the 2024/25 harvest, exporters reported sales of 165 thousand tons, including cancellations, to Japan. The total volume sold, of around 1.25 million tons, was close to the ceiling of analysts' estimates, who expected ...
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