Costa Rica: Banana industry works to stay free of Fusarium Race 4 Tropical

Published May 17, 2024

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In 2023, Costa Rica emerged as a significant player in the global banana industry, exporting 127 million boxes valued at $1.2 billion, which constituted about 7% of the country's total exports and one-third of its agricultural exports. The European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom were the primary recipients of these bananas, with the Cavendish, Williams, and Valery varieties being the main focus. The country faces challenges related to the spread of Fusarium Race 4 Tropical (Foc R4T), a soil fungus, and takes measures such as border fumigation and implementation of protocols to combat this threat. Costa Rica has also implemented strategies to combat climate change to mitigate its impact on agricultural production.
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In 2023, Costa Rica exported 127 million boxes of bananas, equivalent to 1.2 billion dollars, which represents approximately 7% of the country's total exports, being a third of agricultural exports and remains the largest agricultural item. The main destinations for Costa Rican bananas are the European Union (46.12%), the United States (32.25%) and the United Kingdom (9.35%). The research director of the National Banana Corporation (CORBANA), Rafael Segura indicated that the main banana varieties produced in Costa Rica are Cavendish, Williams and Valery. Freshfruit spoke with the general manager of the National Banana Corporation (CORBANA), Jorge Sauma Aguilar, who explained that "since we learned of the severity of Fusarium Race 4 Tropical (Foc R4T), we held a global workshop, with the participation of leading researchers from around the world, to analyze the infestation of the soil fungus.” He indicated that in 2019 the fungus arrived in Colombia, two years later it ...
Source: MXfruit
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