Once again, angry farmers and tractors are on the streets across Europe

Published Feb 26, 2024

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Farmers across Europe, including France, Spain, and Greece, are protesting over issues such as production costs, aid bureaucracy, and the EU's Green Policy. French farmers are demanding higher producer prices and President Macron's resignation, while Spanish farmers are seeking reduced production and labor costs, lower taxation and insurance costs, and changes in non-EU trade agreements. Greek farmers are protesting against the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), claiming it fosters unfair competition and threatens their holdings. Meanwhile, a request has been made for proposals on structural changes to the CAP from all recognized institutional factors in a specific area.
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Once again tractors and farmers are on the streets across Europe, today Monday (26/2), while in Brussels, the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the EU takes place. Ministers will discuss the CAP and crop standards and take action to reduce the administrative burden on farmers. Less than a month after what was described as a "historic" farm strike in the Belgian capital on February 1, when more than 1,300 tractors flooded the streets of the European quarter, today farmers are returning to Brussels to express their anger at the lack of response from the European authorities. On Saturday (24/2) French farmers stormed the major agricultural fair in Paris, protesting over production costs, aid bureaucracy and the EU's Green Policy. Remember that France collects most of the EU's funds. Faced with dozens of police inside the trade fair, the farmers were demanding Macron's resignation. The French president canceled a debate to be held at the agricultural fair with farmers, food ...
Source: Agrotypos
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