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Germany: Cultivation area for winter wheat in 2022 at the previous year's level

Anbaufläche für Winterweizen im Jahr 2022 auf Vorjahresniveau
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May 19, 2022
From Agrar
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05/19/2022 | 12:02:00 | ID: 33166 | Department: Agriculture | plant Wiesbaden (agrar-PR) - Farmers in Germany are cultivating winter wheat on 2.89 million hectares for the 2022 crop year. This area roughly corresponds to the previous year's level (+0.6% compared to 2021). According to initial estimates by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), farms planted 1.22 million hectares (-1.4%) of winter barley and 596,800 hectares (-5.3%) of rye and mixed winter cereals (cereal mixtures). and for the wheat-rye hybrid Triticale 327,500 hectares (-0.2%). Since these varieties are winter cereals that were sown in autumn 2021, the consequences of the war in Ukraine have not yet had an impact on cultivation planning. The areas for summer cereals sown in spring 2022 have risen sharply in some cases. Cultivation of spring wheat increases by 74%, cultivation of spring barley by 20%. Summer cereals are only cultivated to a small extent in Germany compared to winter cereals. For the 2022 ...
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