Currant and buckthorn boom in Kyrgyzstan

Updated Apr 19, 2023
According to EastFruit, in the spring there is a sharp increase in requests for the purchase of blackcurrant and sea buckthorn seedlings from Kyrgyzstan, where many farmers are becoming interested in gardening and growing fruits. Traditionally predominantly livestock farmers in Kyrgyzstan have discovered good opportunities in recent years to improve their standard of living by growing fruits and vegetables.
Compared to such Central Asian countries as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Kazakhstan, the production of fruits and vegetables in Kyrgyzstan is not yet well developed. Therefore, investment opportunities in this country are now relatively good - after all, domestic prices for many types of fruits and berries are higher than prices in neighboring countries. Interestingly, the choice of many novice investors falls on the easiest crops to grow, such as blackcurrant and sea buckthorn. The prices for these goods in the domestic market are quite high, because the population willingly buys them in bulk for the production of jams and jams at home. Also a big incentive for the cultivation of sea buckthorn is the recent fashion for sea buckthorn tea, which is offered by local restaurants. Farmers from Jalal-Abad and Issyk-Kul regions show the greatest interest in growing blackcurrant. Also, many requests come from the Osh and Chui regions. Sea buckthorn is most interesting for farmers in the ...
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