USA: Dairy processors are expanding into new regions

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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Milk production in the upper Midwest has seen a steady increase, leading to a surplus of milk for cheese production. However, the west and southwest regions are experiencing a decrease in milk production, leading to less cream and powders but higher prices. Mike North from highlighted that 26 new facilities are under construction, a third of which are for cheese production. This development raises concerns due to the already high inventories and stagnant export sales.
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Mike North with tells Brownfield milk production in the last six to twelve months has been growing in some regions while cutting back in others. We’ve continued to stay somewhat steady to somewhat higher in milk production in the upper Midwest, which generally means there’s going to be a lot of milk to go into a cheese vat. Conversely, the west and the southwest has been experiencing ongoing diminishing production.” North says there is less milk in the west and southwest, so less milk in the churns and dryers. “Lees cream being made available, less powders, and so that has favored a little bit more price strength there, and you know, interestingly enough, as we look further down the line, there are about 26 new facilities under construction ...
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