North of Santa Fe and parts of Córdoba raise alert about Argentina's 2023/24 harvest

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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The Crop Tour Notícias Agrícolas and Grupo Labhoro's second day in the provinces of Santa Fe and Córdoba revealed irregular crop conditions due to recent rains and water stress, particularly in the north of Santa Fe. Córdoba's eastern region is also in need of rain, with crops suffering from a recent heat wave. Grupo Labhoro's director, Ginaldo Sousa, highlighted the severity of the situation, noting the lack of rain forecast in the coming days could negatively impact soybeans in their flowering and pod filling stages.
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The second of the day of the Crop Tour Notícias Agrícolas and Grupo Labhoro passed through the provinces of Santa Fe and Córdoba, where it arrived late in the afternoon, making its first stops. In Santa Fé, there was a lot of irregularity, with crops responding differently to the arrival of the latest rains - especially those that arrived between the 8th and 12th of February. In the north of the province, as explained by the general director of Grupo Labhoro, Ginaldo Sousa, the fields were not as benefited and the effects of water stress are more visible. The condition is very different from what was observed in the south and center. “The north of Santa Fé is in need of rain, a lot of rain,” he says. Arriving in the province of Córdoba, the eastern region, close to Santa Fe, also signals the need for precipitation, with crops feeling the effects of the recent heat wave a little more. From the center to the south of the province, the fields are already looking better - also in need ...
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