Day with prices open downward for wheat and upward for corn. Soybeans appeared vacant

Market & Price Trends
Published Feb 28, 2024

Tridge summary

The open offer for wheat and the contractual segment has dropped to $160,000/t, with corn offered at $135,000/t and expected to reach $140,000/t in March. There were no open quotes for soybeans from the industrial sector, but sunflower was proposed at $255,000/t. In the Chicago market, wheat futures saw an increase due to bargain buying and a weak US dollar, while corn contracts rebounded from a three-year low due to opportunity purchases. Soybeans ended with a mixed balance due to decreased export demand and competition from the South American harvest.
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Original content

In this way, the open offer for wheat and for the contractual segment fell to $160,000/t. Then, for corn with contractual unloading the offer was $135,000/t, with the March position reaching $140,000/t. Regarding soybeans, we did not have open quotes from the industrial sector, while $255,000/t was the best proposal for sunflower available. In the Chicago market, Chicago futures ended in mixed territory. Wheat futures concluded the day with gains strengthened by bargain buying and the weakness of the US dollar. Later, and in a context of pressure due to abundant global supplies, opportunity purchases also supported corn contracts, which recovered after having reached their lowest levels in more ...
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