Turkey: Decrease in fish prices; citizens preferred Black Sea salmon and local bonito

Updated May 27, 2023
Fish, which is generally known as the food of cold days, is preferred by many citizens in the summer months due to its nutritional value. Citizens who came to the fish counter in Beylikdüzü turned to fresh and cheap fish, even though it was not in season. With the discount made by fisherman Kenan Balcı, Black Sea salmon was offered for sale this week for 99 liras instead of 300 liras, and local bonito for 80 liras instead of 150 liras. It was seen that the citizens who saw the discount preferred these fish the most. It has been learned that the price decreases will be valid in Beylikdüzü for 1 week.
Fisherman Kenan Balcı said, "Our fields, which we reap without planting, produce for us. Today, we have Turkish salmon in the campaign. Our certified Turkish salmon. We sell them for 99 liras instead of 300 liras. There are 20 kinds of fish. Our advice to our customers is to choose the cheaper fish. Our bonito has also become cheaper. 30 We have made it cheap so that one can buy it again and eat it again. Fish is the only medicine that cannot be prescribed. Fish is a natural medicine. The Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara are a gift to the Turkish people. The Black Sea and the Marmara Sea are a gift to the Turkish people. "Let's appreciate the value of Marmara and Marmara and keep it as clean as our home. Let's eat fish, even if we don't eat it ourselves, let's feed it to children. It ...
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