Delay in expanding laying hen breeding area ‘Sangsangmong’

Published May 29, 2024

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The South Korean government is contemplating delaying the implementation of a policy aimed at expanding the breeding area for laying hens by up to two years due to concerns over potential egg price increases. This policy, which was initially set to be enforced from September 2023, follows a 2018 revision of the 'Livestock Act' that expanded the cage space per hen, prompted by a pesticide egg scandal. However, new research suggests that the policy could result in a significant reduction in the number of breeding chickens, leading to higher egg prices. While the government is considering postponing the policy and offering support to farmers for cage replacements, producer groups are pushing for a further delay until 2033 to allow time for facility upgrades.
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In relation to the expansion of the breeding area applicable to each laying hen from September next year, it has been confirmed that the government is considering a plan to postpone the implementation of the system for up to two years. It is believed that concerns about side effects (reported on page 7 of this paper's March 29 issue) were at play, as research results from government-run and private research institutes were announced one after another, showing that egg prices could skyrocket due to policies to expand the breeding area. Producer groups are showing a strong attitude that despite the government's postponement plan, the implementation date should be delayed to 2033, so conflict is expected to continue. ◆Initially, “Existing laying hen farms must expand their breeding area from the end of August next year” = According to the Korea Laying Hen Association, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has announced to the association its intention to postpone the ...
Source: Nongmin
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