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EU: DG Sante assesses fish controls in three countries Australia, Morocco, and Finland

Updated Apr 1, 2023
The European Commission’s health and safety unit has published findings from audits looking at checks on fishery products in Australia, Morocco, and
Finland. A desk assessment of Australian controls to verify exports of fish products met EU requirements was done in October 2022. Exports to the EU in 2021 included fish fillets, other fresh, chilled or frozen fish and crustaceans. A list of species exported includes those which can accumulate ciguatera. The audit found Australia has a sound legal framework, robust authority structure and legal powers that allow the control system to support health attestations in the EU official certificates issued for export of fishery products. “Nonetheless, the assessment also identified some shortcomings, notably the absence of official controls over fishery products, which impacts on the competent authority’s ability to attest reliably to the guarantees on this point in the EU model official certificate,” said DG Sante. Australia and the European Union are currently negotiating a free trade agreement. Some national requirements are different than those in EU regulation. For example, limits ...
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