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Italian wholesale prices for the main fruit and vegetables

Updated Apr 6, 2021
Rising oranges The demand for tarocco oranges continues to increase, a factor that has led to a further increase in prices. The quantities are less and less available due to the end of the Sicilian campaign. Asparagus, abundant supply High quantities available for green asparagus, which are recording a slight decline in prices. In trend terms, however, prices remain well above last year's values. White asparagus, mainly present in the markets of northern Italy, instead showed a further increase in prices due to greater demand, typical of the Easter period. Artichokes, demand pushes the price lists up The demand for artichokes increases with a consequent rise in prices. The product was most in demand during the Easter holidays, mainly the Romanesco and thornless violet varieties. Rising beans “Plus” sign for the prices of beans, thanks to the low availability of the product in a week in which there was an increase in demand, typical of the period. Strawberries, the wide ...
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