Spain: Dormant bud management in southern vineyards produces two harvests per season

Updated Sep 22, 2023
Innovative research being carried out in Spain aims to provide grape growers with a useful tool for increasing sunberry yields in the face of climate change.
Forcibly sprouting dormant buds to produce a double harvest is a method being studied by University of La Rioja grape specialist Fernando Martinez de Toda, with first publications in 2020. Since then, he has identified the advantages, as well as problem areas, in the technology, writes L. Martinez in an article published in the Spanish agricultural portal Campo Galego. “Forced germination involves the development of dormant buds, which are usually present on the shoots of the grapevine, but germinate only the following year. As the name suggests, this technique aims to speed up bud development in the same season as the traditional grape harvest. In the year of their formation on the vine under natural conditions, the buds do not germinate. At the same time, forced germination also makes it possible to obtain a later harvest with a delay. Delayed ripening allows us to adapt to the effects of climate change when cultivating grapes in areas with hot conditions,” Martinez de Toda told ...
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