Down and up at the same time: experts told what is happening with the prices of vegetables in Ukraine

Published May 14, 2024

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In Ukraine, the prices of old-harvest vegetables, with the exception of white cabbage, have significantly increased due to a decrease in quality stock, with onion prices rising by 40-50% in a week. In contrast, new-harvest vegetables such as cucumber and zucchini are experiencing a price drop after the Easter holidays. Strawberry prices have plummeted by 40% due to an increased supply in western regions. Meanwhile, carrot prices are also on the rise, increasing an average of 26%, while strawberry prices have fallen sharply. Additionally, large Ukrainian agricultural holdings are planning to cultivate cotton on a large scale from 2025.
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Vegetable prices in Ukraine have risen sharply, but this trend only applies to old-harvest vegetables, as new-harvest vegetables continue to fall in price. This is reported by EastFruit. Analysts reported that in Ukraine, the prices of vegetables of the borscht set of the old harvest, except for white cabbage, have risen sharply. The main reason is the decrease in stocks of quality products. Onion prices have risen especially sharply - in a week, the price of this vegetable has increased by 40-50%. At the same time, new crop vegetables continue to fall in price. After the Easter holidays, the prices of cucumber and zucchini decreased. Beijing cabbage was sold more expensive than a week earlier, and cauliflower and broccoli were cheaper. The price of garlic started to rise again. An increase in the supply of strawberries in the western regions caused the price of the berry to collapse. And this despite the fact that the supply of this berry has not yet reached its peak. Prices for ...
Source: Agropolit
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