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Drought could bring millions of losses to Argentina

Updated Sep 14, 2022
Text: Correspondent Iara Siqueira In a report, the entity that represents rural cooperatives (Coninagro) disclosed the impacts of the drought on wheat and yerba mate crops in the country. The lack of water makes the producers face drought for the third year in a row. With the harvest almost finished, Argentines lost up to 30% of their total production of yerba mate. New plantations had to be replaced at a very high cost because of the drought, recalls the president of the Federation of Cooperatives of Corrientes Orlando Stavss. For production to return to production cycles, it is necessary to wait four to five years. The report also released less encouraging data regarding the climate for the south of the country, Patagonia, since the northern region has suffered from severe drought, even with the snow, the ...
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