World: Durum wheat, price lists unchanged in all markets

Durum Wheat
Market & Price Trends
Published Nov 18, 2023

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The Turkish export market remains strong, particularly in the areas of corn, barley, and soya. Durum wheat prices in Italy have remained stable, with demand from mills and stockers contributing to market strength. However, there is a potential shift in the market when product arrivals from Turkey slow down and overseas sellers increase.
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The return of demand from mills and stockers and sowing prospects in the south, hampered by the persistence of high temperatures and the almost absence of rainfall, contribute to strengthening the markets. Arrivals at the ports continue and product availability is wide, also in terms of user stocks, but a possible change of direction is perceived when product arrivals from Turkey slow down and overseas sellers take over. The hard “Fino” type is quoted at €385-390/t arriving at the mill, with the merchant ships at a discount of €30-70/t in the centre-north and €15-45/t in the south. Europe The news of the latest Tunisian purchase auction is being discounted in the main markets, which would confirm a situation of stationary prices at today's levels. The community supply is limited to France, which sees internal prices slowly returning in the presence of community demand covered in needs until spring 2024, even with non-EU (Turkish) product. Sowing slowed down by the rain, but ...
Source: Terraevita
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