Netherlands: Dutch farmers will receive about €3 billion for abandoning livestock farming

Published Apr 15, 2024

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The European Commission has greenlit two substantial compensation schemes, amounting to 2.92 billion euros, aimed at encouraging Dutch livestock farmers to voluntarily shut down their operations. These initiatives, dubbed 'LBV' and 'LBV plus,' are designed to mitigate the environmental impact of livestock farming by offering financial incentives of 1.1 and 1.82 billion euros, respectively. The move has garnered considerable interest, with a notable number of applications from pig and dairy sectors, reflecting the farming community's engagement in reducing emissions. This development is part of the Netherlands' broader strategy to tackle the environmental challenges posed by livestock emissions.
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Livestock farmers in the Netherlands who abandon this activity will be provided with compensation under two programs totaling 2.92 billion euros. IMIT reports this with reference to the relevant decision of the European Commission. We are talking about the “LBV” and “LBV plus” schemes, according to which the amount of financing will be increased to 1.1 and 1.82 billion euros. Their names are short for “National Livestock Farm Eradication Program.” And plus means an expanded version of this high-tax program that is designed to shut down farms with very high levels of emissions. Previously, the amounts for them were 602 million and 845 million euros, respectively. The kingdom's authorities are also considering extending the last of them until December 20 last year. Her first preliminary term expired on April 5. The country's Ministry of Agriculture published the new rules in the official gazette at the end of last week, and they have now entered into legal force. Farms have been ...
Source: Rosng
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