Egypt will be exporting potatoes to Morocco and strawberries to Canada

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Published Apr 14, 2024

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Egypt's Ministry of Agriculture is actively working to enhance its foreign currency reserves by expanding its agricultural export portfolio, including opening new markets for its commodities. Recent achievements include Morocco's approval of potato imports and Canada's acceptance of fresh strawberries from Egypt, following Egypt's compliance with technical requirements. These efforts have contributed to a significant increase in agricultural exports, with over 2.2 million tons exported in the first quarter of 2024, valued at approximately $1.5 billion, marking a $300 million increase from the previous year. Despite facing challenges like supply chain disruptions and selective export bans, agriculture continues to be Egypt's second-largest export sector, generating $9 billion in revenue from fresh and processed products last year, thus significantly boosting the country's foreign currency reserves.
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Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture has highlighted efforts to bolster foreign currency reserves through strategic agricultural measures. Now, Moroccan officials have green lit potato imports. Concurrently, Egypt has successfully met Canadian technical requirements for fresh strawberry exports, marking a significant step in expanding its agricultural export portfolio. The ministry also noted the rising global demand for Egypt’s agricultural exports, attributed to their recognized quality. During the first quarter of 2024, Egypt’s agricultural export volume surpassed 2.2 million tons, valued at approximately $1.5 billion. This represents a $300 million increase from the previous year, despite ongoing supply chain disruptions and selective export bans to bolster the domestic market. ...
Source: Argenpapa
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