Egyptian processing potatoes were an important source for European factories from February to May

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Published Dec 1, 2023

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Potato processors in Europe are facing concerns about potato supply, with factors such as potato quality, climate change, environmental regulations, and high energy costs affecting production. As a result, European factories are turning to sources outside the EU, such as Egypt, to ensure a reliable supply of potatoes during the critical period from February to May. Egypt is considered a favorable option due to its excellent potato quality, large export quantities, and strict trade agreements with the EU.
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Worse than running out of potatoes on supermarket shelves, potato processing factories can't afford a stock-out. Yassen Abdelhay, export advisor at Arafa Group, reports on the crucial period for European factories from February to May 2023, and how Egyptian producers played a key role during this phase. Yassen Abdelhay: "Potato supply has become the main concern for all potato processors. If a factory runs out of potatoes, it can cost millions of dollars in lost market share, and it can also affect the viability of the business." "Over the last two years, we've learned that potato production in the EU is not sufficiently sustainable to enable processors to adequately cover year-round demand for raw materials, for a number of reasons; European growers are faced with a number of factors that can no longer be denied, and which imply a sharp break with the past." Abdelhay lists these factors: Quality: The NEPG (North-Western European Potato Growers) has reported considerable concerns ...
Source: Potatopro
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