El Niño affects U.S. grape and stonefruit imports in terms of timing and volumes

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Published Dec 9, 2023

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The American market currently has an excess of green grapes compared to red grapes due to California's green grape harvest and the impact of Hurricane Hilary and the rains on red grape production. In Peru, shipping of fruit to the US has increased significantly due to weather conditions and concerns about late rains in December. The demand for fruit, particularly green grapes and stone fruit, is driven by price and is expected to increase around the holidays, but may slow down as volumes ramp up.
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The American market currently has a lot of average grapes. Domenic Russo, vice president of sales at Summit Produce, notes that cold storage inventory is increasing on the U.S. East Coast, with a focus on red grapes, as importers expect arrivals to decline in the coming weeks. “Right now there are twice as many green grapes as red grapes coming in. And the market conditions are 3:1 green to red because of California's green grape harvest,” he says. There are a few contributing factors, including this week's cold storage report from the western part of the country, which indicates that California has three million cartons of grapes compared to the six million cartons this time last year. Of those, 40% of the grapes in storage in California are green. "Traders did not expect this after Hurricane Hilary and the rains," Russo says, pointing to the major role of price in sales. However, red grapes are hit harder by the rains and the hurricane. Timing in Peru In Northern Peru, the fruit ...
Source: AGF
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