Brazil: Soybean harvest in Rio Grande do Sul reaches 49% of the area and corn, 78%

Published Apr 20, 2024

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The soybean harvest in Rio Grande do Sul has made significant progress, now covering 49% of the total area, up from 38% the previous week. The advancement is notably higher in the north and west regions, with 70% of the area harvested, compared to 30% in the south and east. The average yield is reported at 3,339 kilos per hectare, surpassing initial expectations. In contrast, corn harvesting is on hold, focusing on soybeans, with 78% of the corn area already harvested. The remaining corn is in various growth stages, with an estimated cultivation area of 812,795 hectares and a productivity of 6,464 kg/ha.
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The soybean harvest in Rio Grande do Sul reaches 49% of the area, compared to 38% last week. According to the company, the harvest advanced more significantly in the north and west regions of the state, where 70% were harvested; In the south and east, the percentage is 30%. “Productivity varies, but for the most part continues to exceed initial expectations,” the company said. The estimated average productivity is 3,339 kilos of soybeans per hectare. Check out hot information about agriculture, livestock, economy and weather forecast in the palm of your hand: follow Canal Rural on WhatsApp! In the case of corn, harvesting, receipt of grains for processing and storage remain suspended in the state, with the production sector focusing on soybeans. The increase in ...
Source: CanalRural
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