The embassy took action amid rumors in Taiwan about Paraguayan meat shortage and cheaper supply from Brazil

Published Jun 22, 2024

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Concerns among Taiwanese importers about the availability of Paraguayan meat due to vaccination delays have been alleviated, with assurances from Senacsa and refrigerator authors that there are no delays and sufficient stock. The Embassy of Paraguay in Taiwan clarified that the rumors of meat shortages were likely spread by countries seeking to undermine Paraguayan beef sales in favor of Brazilian meat. The embassy affirmed the strong trade relationship with Taiwan and the high demand for Paraguayan meat in the market, reassuring importers and distributors of their support and commitment to smooth business operations. There is currently no reported trade activity between Taiwanese importers and Brazilian companies for bovine cuts.
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The communication arose due to a “general rumor” among Taiwanese importers that Paraguayan meat was becoming scarce for export due to delays in the vaccination period. “We contacted Senacsa and the authorized refrigerators and they expressed that there are no delays and there is sufficient stock for the sale of the product,” a member of the Embassy informed the Paraguayan Executive Branch. At the same time, diplomacy told the Government that “given the abundance of Brazilian meat supply in Popular China, other countries that have remnants of their products that were normally purchased by that nation, wish to refer them to Taiwan, which is why they made this issue. rumor in order to harm the sale of Paraguayan beef.” The official document states the following: “The Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is pleased to report that the availability and sale of Paraguayan meat to Taiwan is carried out completely normally. “Shipments of Paraguayan meat ...
Source: Agromeat
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