Portugal: Escape inflation on the other side of the line

Updated Oct 2, 2023
More than 70 kilometers to buy oil and other products in Portugal is what Ángel Acosta, a resident of Villavieja de Yeltes (Salamanca), and his partner have traveled to go shopping in Portugal, because each 5-liter bottle of oil has “a difference with Spain of 15 to 20 euros.” The shortage on both sides of the border rules the pockets of the Spanish and Portuguese, who do not hesitate to cross in both directions in search of the best offer. And inflation does not let up: while in September the interannual consumer price index (CPI) in Portugal fell one tenth to 3.6%, in Spain it rose 9 tenths, to 3.5%. The average price per liter of extra virgin olive oil in six large Spanish distribution chains surveyed by Facua-Consumores en Acción went from 6.91 euros at the beginning of January to 10.34 at the beginning of September. In Portugal it evolved from 5.65 euros per liter last January to 6.22 euros, according to the government Agri-Food Prices Observatory. Rubén Alonso and his wife, ...
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