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EU wheat exports increased by 6 percent

Updated Jan 18, 2023
The export of wheat from the European Union in the 2022/23 farming season, which began in July, reached 17.67 million tons as of January 15, which means an increase of 6 percent on an annual basis compared to the 16.63 million measured in the same week of the year 2021/2022 - revealed from the data published by the European Commission.
A breakdown of the EU data showed that France remained the biggest EU wheat exporter this season with 7.50 million tonnes, followed by Romania and Germany with 2.01 million each, followed by Latvia with 1.62 million and Lithuania with 1.44 million tonnes. . As of January 15, the Commission published the EU's top five wheat export targets for 2022/23 and 2021/22 as follows: Morocco 2,515,275 tonnes/14.2%, 600,266 tonnes/3.6%; Algeria 2,220,201 tons/ 12.6%, 2,666,005 tons/16.0%; Egypt 1,628,206 tons/9.2%, 1,515,000 tons/9.1%; Nigeria 1,380,774 tonnes/7.8%, 1,238,831 tonnes/7.5%; Saudi Arabia 982,270 tons/5.6%, 519,932 tons/3.1%. Corn imports were 15.66 million tons, which is 88% higher than the 8.31 million tons a year earlier. Due to the drought-stricken EU harvest and the recovery of exports from war-torn Ukraine, the import of corn into the EU has increased. According to the data, Spain remained the EU's leading maize importer in 2022/23 with 5.77 million tonnes, ahead of the ...
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