Turkey: Europe, Russia, and Japan are waiting next; landlocked Sivas salmon attracted attention

Updated Sep 27, 2023
Russia's salmon needs are met from landlocked Sivas. Salmon fish produced in Sivas, located in the Central Anatolia Region, are exported to Russia and Japan. Turkish Salmon, which meets all of Russia's salmon needs, is rapidly spreading to the world market.
Salmon, with its rich nutritional content, protects cardiovascular health. Salmon, which protects against cancer, is good for colds. Salmon stands out as a skin-friendly food, regulating blood pressure and helping to lose weight. Turkey, which meets all of Russia's salmon needs, is a world leader in the fish production sector. Sivas, which has no coast to the sea, attracts attention in salmon and trout production. Various fish species, especially trout and salmon, are grown in fish production facilities established in the dam lakes in the city. Trout and Turkish Salmon are also produced in the facility located at the Çamlıgöze dam in the Suşehri district of Sivas. Salmon fish produced here are exported to Japan, especially Russia. The facility, which produces 4 thousand 250 tons annually, aims to expand into the American market after the European market. Alper Sermet, the owner of the salmon and trout production facility located on the Çamlıgöze Dam, said, “We produce trout and ...
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