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European agri-food exports rose 6.2% in the first quarter

Las exportaciones agroalimentarias europeas subieron un 6,2% en el primer trimestre
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Jul 8, 2020
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Thus, the trade surplus amounted to 14.9 billion, which represents a growth of 15% compared to the previous year, according to the January-March 2020 monthly trade report, published by the European Commission. By product, additional demand for pork, offal, baby food and wheat fueled an increase in the value of EU exports to China, leading to an increase of 1.14 billion compared to January-March 2019. Furthermore, high exports of barley and wheat led to increases for both Saudi Arabia (up to 312 million) and Morocco (a growth of 240 million), while strong increases were also recorded for exports to the Russian Federation (up to 189 million) and the United States (187 million). According to the report, the first months of the Brexit transition period left a mark on EU exports to the UK, the value of which fell by 827 million. Falls were also recorded in Hong Kong (with a decrease of 158 million) and Lebanon (with a decrease of 93 million). For their part, rapeseed, rapeseed oil and ...
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