European elections with great importance for agriculture. What to expect from MEP candidates?

Published May 22, 2024

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The Greater Poland Agricultural Debate stressed the importance of farmers' participation in European Parliament elections to ensure agricultural issues are represented. The debate criticized recent EU policies for eroding farmers' trust and called for a new strategy to address market changes and Ukraine's potential EU accession. Key demands included restoring European agriculture's status, protecting farmers from climate change costs, strengthening their position against global corporations, reducing bureaucracy, and improving public consultations. Additionally, the article highlights the significance of regulatory impact assessments (RIAs) in evaluating new regulations to ensure they are effective, efficient, and not overly burdensome.
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“We appeal to farmers and everyone who cares about the prosperity of their homeland to actively participate in the elections to the European Parliament and support candidates who understand agriculture and its specificity and will represent us with dignity. Let's not let others decide about our environment! Nothing about us, without us!” – is the position developed during the Greater Poland Agricultural Debate. This event took place on May 20 with the participation of representatives of the Greater Poland Chamber of Agriculture, agricultural trade and industry unions and agricultural associations. “The events of the last two years, i.e. the thoughtless opening of the EU market to agricultural produce from Ukraine and the implementation of a radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy with an overly ambitious approach to achieving climate goals, have significantly undermined the trust of farmers from EU countries in the institutions of the European Union and the very idea of ...
Source: AgroPolska
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