Europeans will opt for plant-based products to the detriment of meat consumption

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Published Dec 11, 2023

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The EU Agricultural Outlook to 2035 report predicts a shift towards plant-rich diets and a decrease in beef and pork consumption. Climate change and market conditions will continue to test the resilience of EU farmers, with extreme climate events impacting agricultural productivity. Additionally, the report forecasts a decline in dairy herds and meat production, as well as changes in the production and quality of specialized crops such as olive oil, wine, and fruits.
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The work also notes that, in the coming years, the resilience of EU farmers will continue to be tested by climate change and market conditions and evolving social demands. The multiplication of extreme climate events will continue to impact the growth of agricultural productivity. Specifically, the Report states, regarding arable crops, that cereal yields will remain stable thanks, among other things, to the positive impacts of precision agriculture, crop rotation and improved soil health. that could counteract the negative impacts of climate change. By 2035, land is also expected to shift from grains to soybeans and legumes. This shift will be driven in particular by lower demand for feed grains due to a reduction in EU beef and pork production and an increase in extensive and pasture-based production systems. Political incentives to support an increase in plant proteins will also support this change. Lower demand for biofuels could result in a decline in vegetable oils, leading ...
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