Egypt: The Poultry Stock Exchange heralds a price drop on Tuesday, April 16

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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In Egypt, there has been a notable decrease in the prices of poultry and eggs, with poultry prices dropping by around 10 pounds per kilo over the past week. This decline is significant in the Egyptian markets and has also impacted egg prices due to their close relationship with poultry prices. The variation in poultry prices is influenced by the type of poultry and factors like transportation costs. According to the Poultry Stock Exchange, there was a relative drop in prices on Tuesday, April 16, offering some relief to consumers who depend on poultry as a key source of protein.
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The daily price of poultry is one of the things that citizens in Egypt are most interested in and search for periodically, because all types of poultry are among the main sources of protein that are relied upon in many meals. Poultry prices have witnessed an unprecedented rise in prices during the previous period, but the poultry exchange Today it achieved a relative drop in prices before it reached the markets. Everyone asks, “How much does the chicken cost today?” The Poultry Stock Exchange heralds a price drop today, Tuesday, April 16 There was a noticeable decrease in the price of poultry in the Egyptian markets during the past week by approximately 10 pounds per kilo. This also applies to egg prices because they are closely linked to poultry prices. It is worth noting that the price of poultry varies from one type to another, and you will also find a discrepancy of a few pounds. From one place to another according to transportation costs, etc., the following are the prices of ...
Source: Ngmisr
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