Brazil: Excessive rain and fungal diseases worry the wheat crop

Updated Sep 27, 2023
According to Conab's weekly bulletin, Brazil's wheat crops are facing different challenges in different regions of the country. At the moment, 29% of the crop has already been harvested, but concerns are mainly focused on the south of the country, where excessive rainfall and lack of hours of sunshine have caused complications.
See also: São Paulo will be the wheat capital on the weekend In Rio Grande do Sul, the earliest crops are already showing the damage caused by adverse weather conditions. Fungal diseases have manifested themselves with intensity, and treatments, in many cases, have not been effective. The waterlogged soil has made management operations impossible. On the other hand, crops that have just entered the reproductive phase have lower levels of disease, a relief for producers. In contrast, in Paraná, although the predominant phase of crops is grain filling and maturation, challenges also present themselves. High temperatures and recent rains accompanied by strong winds have caused damage, including causing some areas to become bedded. In Santa Catarina, more than half of the crops oscillate between vegetative development and flowering. Cases of fungal diseases, although present, were promptly treated, and producers continue to carry out appropriate cultural and preventive measures. Minas ...
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