Netherlands: Expensive onion slows down sales

Updated Mar 14, 2023
This season, up to and including week 7, the Netherlands exported almost 905,000 tons of onions. That is more than 60,000 tonnes less than a year earlier in the same period. This is evident from preliminary figures from the GroentenFruit Huis. The share of onions that went to European customers is higher than last season in the same period. This is due to disappointing harvests in Europe.
Senegal is no longer on the market The second half of the sales season goes less smoothly every year, because a large buyer of onions, such as Senegal, is no longer on the market. Dutch exporters sold 17,847 tons of onions in mid-February (week 7). Sales are in line with those of the previous four weeks. The main buyers in week 7 were Great Britain, Mauritania, Spain, Israel, Guinea and Poland. This is followed by European ...
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