Experts told how the war affected agricultural trade between Poland and Ukraine

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Published Mar 5, 2024

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Poland's trade with Ukraine has seen a significant surge since the onset of the war, with a record trade balance of 31.4 billion zlotys. The purchase of Ukrainian agricultural products by Poland has contributed to this, amounting to 20.3 billion zlotys. Polish exports to Ukraine have more than doubled from 23 billion zlotys in 2020 to 52 billion zlotys in 2023, making Ukraine the seventh largest export market for Poland, surpassing the USA.
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According to Polish experts, in the conditions of a full-scale war unleashed by the Russian Federation, Poland purchased Ukrainian agricultural products worth 20.3 billion zlotys. This is reported by Rzeczpospolita. Poland's favorable trade balance with Ukraine reached 31.4 billion zlotys. Analysts claim that this indicator is a record. Polish exports to Ukraine picked up significantly after the Russian invasion. In 2020, it slightly exceeded 23 billion zlotys, and a year later it grew to almost 29 billion zlotys. In 2022, when the war began, Poland sold products worth 45.6 billion zlotys to Ukraine, and in 2023 - 52 billion zlotys. In 2021, Ukraine was the 15th export market for Poland. In 2023, our country rose to seventh place, behind Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands, ahead of the USA. The cost of selling Ukrainian goods to Poland also increased, although not so impressively. In 2020, it amounted to 11.5 billion zlotys. In 2021, it ...
Source: Agropolit
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