Export prices for grain in the Russian Federation have dropped sharply - review

Published Jun 18, 2024

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Last week, Russia experienced a significant drop in the export value of most types of grain, with the biggest decrease seen in fourth and fifth class wheat. The price of fourth class wheat fell by 400 rubles to 16,500 in deep-water ports, while the cost remained unchanged in shallow water at 15,500. The price of fifth class wheat fell by 600 rubles per ton in deep-water ports. Third class wheat, barley, corn, and sunflower saw a slight price increase, while soybeans saw a significant increase only in the center. Analysts have identified potential factors that could influence future price trends for these crops in Russia and globally.
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The export value of most types of grain in Russia to various destinations dropped significantly last week. This is reported in the next review of the journal field.rf. This trend was most noticeable in wheat of the fourth class (hereinafter also referred to as “four”). For example, it fell the most in the direction of CPT-Novo (hereinafter also referred to as in deep-water ports or “high water”) - by 400 rubles or up to 16,500. The cost of CPT-Low Water (hereinafter also referred to as in shallow water or “low water” ") remained unchanged from last week - 15,500. On the Volga, the “four” fell in price not so significantly - by 133 rubles or to 13,617. Of the individual regions, the largest decrease was in Samara - by 350 rubles. to 13,150, the smallest - by 50 to 13,600, in Saratov the cost of this class did not change and amounted to 14,100. In the south, grain became cheaper by only 88 rubles to 14,275. Specifically, the “four” fell in price only in Volgograd - by 350 up to ...
Source: Rosng
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