Exports of meat and poultry by-products from the Russian Federation in 2024 may exceed 400 thousand tons

Published May 25, 2024

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Russia is planning to increase its exports of pork, offal, meat, and poultry by-products by 2024 in line with a presidential directive to boost agricultural exports. The Ministry of Agriculture is working with producers and unions to achieve this goal, which involves increasing pork and live pig supplies to over 310 thousand tons, and meat and poultry by-products to over 400 thousand tons. The ministry is also looking to expand into new export markets. In 2023, Russia exported 255.2 thousand tons of pig products and 309 thousand tons of meat and poultry by-products.
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It is also planned to increase supplies of pork and offal abroad In Russia, by the end of 2024, it is planned to increase export supplies of pork and by-products, as well as meat and poultry by-products. Russian Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut discussed this issue with producers and industry unions, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture reported. “The President has set an ambitious task to increase the export of agricultural products by no less than one and a half times by 2030 compared to 2021. Accordingly, the figure in current prices should be $55.2 billion. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to ensure a significant increase in export volumes already this year. “In particular, it is necessary to increase the supply of pork and by-products, as well as live pigs to a level of more than 310 thousand tons, and meat and poultry by-products to more than 400 thousand tons,” the message says. During the meeting, leaders of industry unions and businesses noted that increasing ...
Source: Specagro
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