Brazil: Expressionless week for soybeans in the South

Updated Sep 25, 2023
In the soybean market in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the week ended without expression and with business at a standstill, according to information released by TF Agroeconomic. “The market experienced a day without news. In the USA the harvest is underway, and in BR there is the expectation of planting the new harvest. Prices have gone lateral”, he comments.
“Buyers with demands now, only for October, September logistics for port, taken. Inland, in Cruz Alta the price remains R$ 145.00. In Ijuí the value was R$ 145.00 after a drop of R$ 0.50/bag. In Santa Rosa, as well as in São Luiz, the price remains R$ 144.00. In Passo Fundo, finally, the price was R$ 145.00”, he adds. Repeated day in Paraná, where the week ended without any movement. “Business continues in its usual apathy, with prices repeating themselves on another uninteresting day for the producer. The producer continues without making a decision that reflects on the market, there is no expression whatsoever towards soybeans, which are no longer bothering the warehouses. In the port, cif Paranaguá marked maintenance still at R$ 141.00 with payment on 10/31 and delivery in August and in the interior, the Ponta Grossa spot soybean market also marked maintenance, still at R$ 137.00”, he indicates. A day of considerable falls in Santa ...
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