Polish farmers feel cheated by the government as they want to extend the protest until April

Published Feb 21, 2024

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Polish farmers are protesting against the Green Deal and the influx of goods from Ukraine, claiming it harms their livelihoods. They are demanding the Prime Minister visit the border crossing in Medyka and have extended their protest until April. They are also calling for a ban on certain Ukrainian imports and stricter controls on EU entries. While the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Czesław Siekierski, has agreed with some demands, he stated that completely 'closing' the Green Deal is not feasible.
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On Tuesday, farmers are protesting on some national roads, expressways and highways, including: against the introduction of the Green Deal and the inflow of goods from Ukraine. The leader of the "Podkarpacka cheated village" Roman Kondrów said on RMF FM that traffic on the roads will be suspended for 12 hours. "The farmer is stubborn and will not give in. We are flooded with grain from Ukraine. We are told that we are against Ukraine. We, farmers from Podkarpacie and all over Poland, were the first to extend a friendly hand and welcome our brothers from Ukraine. And at the moment we are They are harmed because various mafias introduce this grain to Poland," said Kondrów. He admitted that farmers feel cheated by the Polish government because their demands have not been implemented. "I thought that the government that was leaving was bluffing. (...) We, as farmers, also voted for Mr. Tusk. We expected substantive cooperation from him, not just promises," said Kondrów. He appealed to ...
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