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Nông dân Hà Tĩnh chủ động nguồn thức ăn cho gia súc mùa mưa rét

Nông dân Hà Tĩnh chủ động nguồn thức ăn cho gia súc mùa mưa rét
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Dec 11, 2020
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In the early days of winter, in the fields of Huong Khe district, especially in the alluvial areas along Ngan Sau river, corn fields were green. In Huong Thuy commune - one of the "navel floods" of Huong Khe, the area of winter-crop maize also covered fields and banks. People also take advantage of the land "redundant head, scarlet tail" to intercrop more vegetables. So far, we have finished sowing 5 sao of maize, of which more than 3 sao of biomass maize. Corn grows very well, has 7-8 leaves. This will be an important source of green food for the family's cows in the coming cold and rainy days ”- Mr. Thai Van Thuy (Huong Thuy commune) said. Mr. Ngo Xuan Tan - Chairman of Huong Thuy Commune People's Committee said that the winter crop 2020 production in the context of prolonged flooding and late season, but the Huong Thuy Party Committee, authorities and people have been determined to double, triple to cover the area of productive land in household gardens and fields. Up to this ...
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