Fat cattle: check the arroba and wholesale prices un Brazil

Published May 25, 2024

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The agricultural news article provides an overview of the Brazilian cattle market, highlighting a slowdown in business activity and a decline in arroba prices due to the absence of many slaughterhouses. Despite a steady supply of cattle, the climate conditions in May, with minimal rainfall, have negatively affected pastures and increased the wear on the livestock, leading to lower feed intake and quality. As a result, beef prices have remained stable but have experienced a decline throughout the week. Market analysts predict a further decrease in prices in the short term, attributed to the slow process of replenishing wholesale and retail stocks, but anticipate a potential price recovery in the first half of June driven by increased consumption.
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The physical cattle market closes the week with an insignificant flow of business and weakened prices for the arroba. Many slaughterhouses were absent from beef purchases on the last day of the week. Some slaughterhouses have very comfortable slaughter schedules, up to over 11 working days in certain cases. The supply of cattle is, in fact, representative, as generally happens in the final period of the harvest, according to an analysis by the consultancy Safras & Mercado. The climate is also decisive in justifying this movement, with only slight levels of rainfall throughout May in the main producing regions, resulting in evident wear and tear on pastures and lower retention capacity on the part of livestock farmers, said Safras & Mercado analyst Fernando Henrique Churches. Beef prices ended the week with unchanged prices, but accumulated a fall during the week. According to Iglesias, the business ...
Source: CanalRural
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