Fewer apples in Polish cold stores, but trade is not any better

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Published Mar 3, 2024

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According to the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA), apple stocks in the European Union are nearly on par with last year's, showing only a 5% decrease, despite a 14% decline in Poland. However, this has not positively affected prices. Meanwhile, pear stocks across Europe are almost identical to those of 2023, with a slight 1.6% year-on-year difference. The largest reserves of these fruits are held by the Netherlands and Belgium.
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WAPA published European apple and pear stock levels as of February 1. Throughout the European Union, there are only 5% fewer apples compared to last year. Let's focus on Poland. A month ago there were 912,000 in our cold stores. tons of apples, while a year earlier it was 1.06 million tons. At the level of our country, we are talking about a decline of 14% year on year. However, we do not observe any positive impact on prices in this case. In the entire Community this difference is only 5%. In the European Union, stocks amount to 3.19 million tonnes. And the only country with a stock exceeding one million tons is Italy. Source: WAPA If we look at the varieties stored in Polish cold stores, we have: According to WAPA data, a month ago there were still 22.5 thousand in our cold stores. tons of pears. In turn, pear stocks across Europe are ...
Source: Sad24
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