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Lesser cereal harvest in the EU but more oil and protein crops

Menos cereales en la UE pero mas oleaginosas y proteaginosas
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Sep 12, 2022
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La producción total de cereales de la UE-27 debería alcanzar los 269 Mt, registrando un importante descenso del -6,8% respecto a la cosecha 2021, de acuerdo con las últimas estimaciones del COPA-COGECA, que ha confirmado la tendencia anunciada el pasado mes de julio. Por su parte, se espera una tendencia más positiva para las oleaginosas (31,9 Mt, +7,2%) y proteaginosas (3,92 Mt, +5,1%).
The total cereal production of the EU-27 should reach 269 Mt, registering a significant decrease of -6.8% compared to the 2021 harvest, according to the latest estimates by COPA-COGECA, which has confirmed the trend announced on last July. On the other hand, a more positive trend is expected for oilseeds (31.9 Mt, +7.2%) and protein crops (3.92 Mt, +5.1%). In 2022, an area of cereals similar to that of 2021 has been sown, but the lower production is due to the fall in yields, as a result of the drought. The impact was especially severe on grain corn, whose production stood at 55 Mt, 20% less than the previous year. Durum wheat production also faced a significant backlash with 7.4 Mt harvested (-7.4%). The production of common wheat suffered a smaller drop, down to 125.6 Mt (-2.5%). Only barley production should remain stable at 51 Mt. Overall, the 2022 production is below the average cereal production of the last 5 years. In the case of oilseeds and protein crops, the situation is ...
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