First-person view: How breeding stock is sold in Ireland

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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A delegation of 17 Bulgarian cattle breeders recently visited Ireland, renowned for its high-quality beef cattle. They were particularly impressed by the auction system in Carrick-on-Shannon, where cattle are inspected, rated, and sold at market value. The Bulgarian breeders purchased several cattle and established valuable connections with Irish breeders. They also observed the prevalence of small to medium-sized family farms with well-maintained pastures and a strong sense of community among breeders.
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In February, 17 self-organized native breeders with beef herds visited a number of farms and auctions for elite pregame animals in Ireland, where some of the best beef cattle in Europe come from. The Chairman of the Branch Chamber of Meat Breeding (BCM) Ivan Veninski shared his impressions with Agri.BG. Is it difficult to be a young farmer in the "Livestock" sector? There's a lot to see of Irish cattle in even a four-day tour, but the highlight of his story is the auction in the Northern Irish town of Carrick-on-Shannon. It is specially for elite bulls, young bulls, breeding heifers. It is organized regularly by a local co-operative - a grassroots principle for the sale of animals in Ireland. "We were fascinated how people find the real market value of animals. The farmers have bought a hall and are organizing the auction there. Two hours before the event, the animals are inspected. There are ratings in several categories. Champions are awarded. Then everyone passes in a row and ...
Source: Agri
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