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Fish prices stabilize in the transit market on Friday, August 5 in Egypt

استقرار أسعار الأسماك في سوق العبور الجمعة 5 أغسطس
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Aug 5, 2022
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Fish prices witnessed a state of stability in the transit market during today’s transactions, Friday, August 5, 2022.
The “Akhbar Al-Youm portal” publishes prices, where 3-4 pounds are added to the announced price on the price of a kilo in retail markets. 30 pounds.- Tilapia fish number 2 ranges from 21 to 25 pounds. Read also: We publish fish prices in the transit market today, August 4, 2022- Aswan tilapia ranges from 20 to 40 pounds.- Tilapia fish fillets from 30 to 160 pounds.- Peel Whites from 80 to 100 pounds per kilo.- Lake Nasser white fish from 30 to 50 pounds.- Smooth whites from 65 to 85 pounds.- Frozen mackerel from 25 to 35 pounds.- Grouper fish between 80 to 100 pounds.- Banana fish Between 48 to 55 pounds.- Jumbo shrimp from 400 to 450 pounds.- Shrimp No. 1 from 300 to 350 pounds.- Shrimp No. 2 from 200 to 250 pounds.- Frozen shrimp from 90 to 170 pounds.- Alexandrian Pyrenees from 50 To 90 pounds per kilo.- The price of catfish ranged between 10 to 20 pounds.- Souissi pasta from 50 to 90 pounds.- Premium mullet fish between 65 and 85 pounds. Nice ranged between 100 and 160 ...
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