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Fish stalls are reserved for cultured fish in Turkey

Balık tezgahları kültür balıklarına kaldı
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Apr 23, 2022
From Haber7
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Horse mackerel, anchovy, haddock and red mullet, which were sold in abundance this season, were replaced by cultured fish such as sea bass, sea bream, trout, salmon, mullet and carp. The fishermen from Samsun stated that the citizens mostly prefer salmon instead of buying red meat and chicken. “Citizens continue to show interest in fish” Pointing out that the interest in fish has not decreased despite the end of the season, fish seller İsmet Akpınar said, “Even though the fishing season is over in the seas, citizens continue to show interest in cultured fish. Salmon and trout prices are cheaper than other meat products. Trout is 40 TL per kilo, salmon is 50 TL. Small fish such as haddock, horse mackerel, anchovy and red mullet are no longer available on the counter. When the weather gets warmer, we will continue to sell cultured fish until they come from anglers. Among other fish, bonito is sold for 15 liras, sea bream for 80 kilos, and sea bass for 90 liras.” “Best selling fish ...
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