Flooding in Brazil kills hundreds of thousands of pigs and chickens

Published May 22, 2024

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Over 13,000 chickens and pigs have died across 30 farms in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state due to one of the largest floods in its history, as reported by Reuters. The disaster has impacted suppliers to major meat companies BRF and JBS, with estimated livestock losses at around 12.6 thousand heads and monetary losses at 182.9 million reais ($35.8 million). The flood also severely affected poultry farms, feed mills, and meat processing plants, leading to the death of around 207,000 poultry and disrupting operations at four processing plants. The disaster is part of a larger scale event that has affected over 2.3 million people, resulting in 158 deaths and the evacuation of more than 82,000.
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Due to one of the largest floods in history in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, more than 13 thousand chickens and pigs died in the country. This was reported by Reuters with reference to data from specialized associations. The head of one of the largest national pig-breeding unions, ACSURS, Valdecir Folador, said that about 30 farms were affected by the disaster, including suppliers of pork to the country’s well-known and largest industry giants BRF and JBS. He explained that due to the loss of available feed, the animals' weight gain decreased, and most of the young animals had to be suckled by sows. The specialist estimated the livestock losses at almost 12.6 thousand heads. The total number of pigs on all farms in the state, he said, is almost five million. However, Folador did not rule out further losses for pig farmers and companies due to temporary measures to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. We are talking about road closures and reduced access to food ...
Source: Rosng
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