United States: Florida blueberries peak in ideal market window

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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Florida's blueberry industry is set for a record-breaking season, with an anticipated production of 20 to 22 million pounds of fresh blueberries, up from last year's 14.6 million. This increase is attributed to favorable spring weather conditions that have led to successful pollination and a high-quality crop. As one of the top 10 blueberry-producing states, Florida benefits from the University of Florida's research in developing new blueberry varieties, with two new cultivars expected in 2025. Despite a brief market window from April to early May, this season promises significant profits for the state, strategically positioned after the Southern Hemisphere's blueberry season concludes.
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Florida's blueberry season is in full swing and growers say the spring weather was positive for the crop, causing good pollination and resulting in an abundant, high-quality harvest. Ryan Lockman, vice president of sales and procurement for North Bay Produce, said the season's peak will continue for at least another week. “The state of Florida should produce between 20 and 22 million pounds of fresh blueberries this year,” he told Portalfrutí, a figure that considerably exceeds last year's 14.6 million pounds. Florida is among the 10 largest blueberry-producing states in the United States. In late 2023, the North American Blueberry Council estimated that by 2024 production would return to levels seen over the past decade in the state. The University of Florida (UF) is a pioneer in blueberry varietal development. It recently announced that two new cultivars will hit the market in 2025: 'FL17-141' and 'FL19-006'. Lockman said North Bay Produce is producing more pounds of UF ...
Source: MXfruit
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